Vinyl Rug ‘Rome’


Our vinyl flooring is designed to bring the inspiring beauty of ancient tiles back into your home. Made with love and care, these vinyl floor mats and runners combine the beauty of the past with the practicality and affordability of the modern living space.

Available in 60cm x 180cm, 80cm x 195cm, 120cm x 195cm, 80cm x 240cm and 140cm x 220cm.

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Keeps firmly in place by its own weight.
Thickness: 1.9mm.
Cleaning: Wash the mat with soap and water on both sides and leave to dry.
100% recyclable,  100% eco-friendly, 100% phthalate free.

Special care:

Do not drag heavy furniture across the vinyl rug.
Do not fold the mat – leave it flat or roll it into a roll.
For indoor use only. Can be used in a shaded patio or balcony.
Colors may fade in direct sunlight.

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60cm x 180cm Runner, 80cm x 195cm Runner, 120cm x 195cm, 80 cm x 240cm, 140cm x 220cm