Vintage Kantha Coat


Vintage Suzani and Kantha Coat

A unique, hand made, fair trade coat incorporating two beautiful traditional techniques of stitching and embroidery: Kantha and Suzani. This particular coat has been made from layered vintage cotton saris, sewn together with a traditional running stitch, or ‘Kantha’, as the technique is known, and then decorated with distinctive Persian style Suzani embroidery.

Full of artisanal character and charm, each piece is completed with hidden side pockets and a front tie.

UK 8 – 16
Approx length 109 cm.

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‘Kantha’ is the name of a traditional running stitch technique combining multiple layers of salvaged material, or ‘rags’ – Kantha in Sanskrit. Kantha work originates from Eastern India, and creates a heavier, quilted weight to textiles. It’s a fully sustainable and waste free method of repurposing and reviving old pieces of fabric into new creations.
‘Suzani’ is a style of decorative needlework embroidery hailing from the tribal peoples of central Asia. It was originally produced to decorate garments and furnishings that would become part of a bride’s dowry, a representation of love, and commitment to the future marriage. I suppose you could quite literally call Suzani ‘a labour of love’.