‘Juno’ Oriental Style Silk Dress No:6


We’ve been selling the ‘Juno’ style dress for a few years now, such is its popularity. We reckon this is down to a few paradoxical elements: the Juno is a sexy style, yet refined and covers well; the cut makes the most of womanly curves, whilst obscuring bulges; it’s loose in all places you want it loose (eg. butterfly sleeves) and clings in all the best places (small of back – elasticated!); and finally you could wear it literally anywhere at any time, with half a wardrobe’s worth of footwear: trainers, flip flops or stilettos (possibly even wellies??). Oh, and this unique piece has been made from a bold-printed upcycled crepe silk sari fabric: slow, sustainable fashion indeed!


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Hand wash in cold water. Can be ironed or simply drip dried and thrown on!

XS/S: chest: 84-88cm waist relaxed (elasticated): 65-69cm, hip width: 90-94cm